St Peter's C of E Academy

Local Board (previously known as Governing Body)


Name                                       Position

Mrs Imelda Barnes                Foundation Member

Mr Martin Bovett                   Community Member

Mr Trevor Durston                 Foundation Member, Chair of Local Board, Chair of Staffing and Finance

Mr Mark Everett                     Ex Officio, Headteacher

Mrs Jan Farnsworth             Chair of Premises, Staff member       

Mrs Sue Flavin                       Foundation Member  

Rev. Andrew Gubbins           Foundation Member, Ex Officio 

Mr Vince Gulwell                   Co opted Member

Mrs Suzanne King                 Parent Member 

Mr Gordon Nunn                   Co opted member, Assistant Head

Vacancy                                  Foundation Member 

Mrs Erica Siddall                   Vice Chair of Local Board,  Parent Member             

Mrs Carolyn Stell                   Foundation Member, Chair of Teaching, Learning and Assessment     

Vacancy                                  Foundation Governor                   


Mrs Michelle Pennycott        Clerk to governors


We currently have two Foundation Governor vacancies. Foundation Governors have a particular responsibility within Church Schools to preserve and develop the Christian character and ethos of the school. In most cases the PCC is responsible for finding and nominating Foundation Governors for its parish school(s).
Foundation Governors are normally practising Christians, but as a school governor, a Foundation Governor is more than a Church representative. They are a full governor with an equal share of the responsibility for things such as: supporting the school; developing the school improvement plan; making budgetary decisions; holding the headteacher to account; and monitoring the implementation of school policies. It is necessary for all governors to have skills which can support these responsibilities and therefore important that the PCC takes this into account.
If you would like to apply, please e-mail Michelle Pennycott, Clerk to governors 



Code of conduct for Local Board Members

Register of attendance to Local Board Meetings between 2018-2019  

Register of attendance to Local Board Meetings 2019-2020



Our local board is supported by 3 sub committees, Premises, Teaching, Learning & Assessment and Staffing and Finance. This term Premises committee have produced a newsletter to summarise their involvement in supporting the school this year. Click here to read it.

Minutes of Local Board meetings are available from the school office on request. These include attendance at meetings.

Other documents

Premises committee report